Cross border of silent

Project is a continuation of the initiative promoting educational method: univ record sign language (Sign Writing). With the knowledge of notation SW deaf young people from different countries to know their culture better and gets tools intensifying and increasing the effectiveness of learning both sign language and other subjects. This is the second edition of the cross-border workshops Polish-Slovak. Previous showed how great is the role informal educational and integration events.
Expected outputs:

  • Organizing 2 eductional workshops of Sign Writing
  • 40 hour of workshop
  • 20 young people from PL and SK which participated in workshops
  • 20 young people from PL and SK which acquire skills of Sign Writing
  • Organizing an integration meeting
  • Creating the project website
  • Exchanging the Polish and Slovak expierience of the use of Sign Writing

The project has been financed by the International Visegard Fund.

 Should you be interested in the photogallery of that project please click here.

Video materials

Please see video material about workshops organized so far:

  • Video summary of the project by (material in Polish)


  • Workshop in Kraków, Poland (material in Polish and Slovakian)


  • Workshops in the Tatrzańska Kotlina, Slovakia (material in Polish and Slovakian)


Integration meeting

On the 13 January 2015 there was an integration meeting held Kraków, Poland. Twenty pupils and four care givers participated in the venue. The workshop took seven hours of active work (4h of educational activities and 3h of integration games). The major aim of the event was to teach the deaf effective ways of communication through play and joy.


We are pleased to publish feedback information from randomly selected participants of the event (material in Polish):




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