The Viribus Unitis Foundation in collaboration with the Bergitka Roma Association from Nowy Sącz conduct project known as the ‘Knowledge – Integration – Tolerance’. The main aim of that action is to increase knowledge about Roma community among Polish pupils from primary schools and high schools students. In addition, the project is intended to combat negative stereotypes associated with Roma communities and bring mutual tolerance between Poles and Roma people.

As a part of the project several types of action has been scheduled. Hate speech against Roma in the Internet will be monitored by the voluntary groups arranged in the participating schools. Experienced tutors will give lectures about Roma tradition and culture followed by a regional knowledge competition directed to the youngsters. There will be also sport events held and intercommunity competitive games played to promote interracial integration. To promote mutual understanding artistic performances will be also arranged

Beneficiary participants will be recruited in schools located in the following municipalities: Nowy Sącz, powiat nowosądecki, tatrzański, limanowski, gorlicki, and nowotarski. The project is carried out between 01.03.2015 – 30.04.2016 and financed by:

Should you be interested in the project please fill the form in and send it to us:

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