Associations of volunteers at schools

The major aim of that project is to establish 6 independent association of the deaf volunteers at schools teaching the deaf. Hence, the idea of the project is to create supportive environment for the deaf run by the deaf. In the long term, it is expected that the project will contribute to the development of much needed system of social support and propagate volunteerism in the community of the deaf.

The project has been developed in the collaboration with the Polish Association of the Deaf in Malopolska and financed by the:

Multimedia guide for student volunteers

As an integral of the project it was to draft and publish multimedia guidebook for Deaf students who wish to work as volunteers. The movie was co-directed by the Deaf. Thus, its content has been tailored to the needs of the Deaf. Nonetheless, we do believe our guidebook will be also interesting for the hearing peers. Should you be interested in the content of the guidebook please feel free to download it from here. You can also watch our movie:



1. Training course for the attendants of the volunteers at schools


2. Training course for the leadrs at schools



Hey, runner! Make yourself visible

The deaf youngsters from Nowy Sacz, Poland, who participate in the project known as the ‘Associations of volunteers at schools’, organized a happening. The venue was be held during the 3rd Visegrad Sport Festival in Rytro, Poland. Marathon took place from 20 June to 21 June 2015. Activists-deaf volunteers promoted good pratices in health and safety issues. As an integral part of the voluntary action runners were provided with fluorescent and reflective armbands. These equipment makes runners visible for car drivers at nights and when the visibility is poor. As a result, the safety of runners is improved.

Partnering organization

Photo reportage

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