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From November 2014 to May 2016 the Viribus Unitis Foundation with its associated partners conduct project known as the ‘Deaf have vote’. The aim of the project is to empower the deaf and increase social participation of that group in the Balkan countries (Serbia and Montenegro). In addition, the project is intended to transfer our experience in the democratic transition to the countries applying for a membership in the EU. Thus, we do take part in the promotion of democratic values in the Balkan region.

     Our partners in the project

As a part of the project an international conference will be held. The major subject to be discusses with a panel of experts include key legal aspects affecting everyday life of the deaf in Serbia, Montenegro, and EU countries. Next, workshops (material in Polish) will be arranged for the deaf interested in the journalism and new technologies suitable for communication between the deaf and people without any hearing impairment. As a result of the workshops, self awareness of the deaf as a cultural minority will increase. Similarly, social awareness of the lay audiences towards the deaf will improve. Thirdly, the project will support non-governmental organizations working with the deaf and will provide framework for watchdog activities conducted by the deaf and/or on behalf of the deaf.

The project has been financed by the International Visegrad Fund and Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of South Korea.

Cutting-edge technology for the Deaf

In the early September 2015 a group of 12 Deaf people from Serbia visit Krakow. The event was organized as a part of the project known as the "Exchange of experience - media development for the Deaf people". Participants of the study Visit have been provided with training in the website content management with the elements of Internet marketing. In addition, Serbian participants could learn about our experience with running internet portal for the Deaf known as Nonetheless, the most interesting and exciting presentation was provided by the representatives of the migam Ltd company. They have presented a cutting-edge technology for simulations translation of the sign language into the spoken language. To learn more please watch our movies below:

Conference in Belgrade

To see a plan of the conference please click here.

You can also watch video materials about the conference


More about the conference in Belgrade

Serbian massmedia on on the conference: click here

You can also watch video records taken during the conference


Presentation by Katarzyna Podgórni


Presentation by Krzysztof Poreba, Karolina Nawrot, Barbara Cholewa


Presentation by Adam Stromidło


Presentation by Gergely Tapolczai


Presentation by Susana Maslowić


Workshops in Serbia

Lectures. Polish version.

Lectures. Serbian version.


INTERVIEW. Nenad Mahmutović with Suzana Matlac Maslovic

INTERVIEW. Nenad Mahmutović with Biljana Milanović

INTERVIEW. Vesna Radojevic with Tamara Cvetković and Emilija Radovanović.

Workshops. film

Serbia, Kragujevac, Workshops



The report on the position of the Deaf community in Serbia and Montenegro in the field of media, availability of interpreting services and education.
Click here.


Izveštaj o položaju zajednice Gluvih u Srbiji i Crna Gora u oblasti medija, dostupnosti prevodilačkih usluga i obrazovanja.
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Completion of the project


1. "Nas svet" - deaf TV from Serbia and Montenegro.

2. Visegrad Fund supports our projects.

3. Implementation of the Project- what we have achieved?
4. Transnational cooperation.

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