Deaf volunteers take action on designer drugs

Deaf youngsters who have been involved in the project known as the "Associations of volunteers at schools" have taken action and surprised us!!! Students suggested to make movie about health harm caused by new synthetic drugs. They have been inspired by non-Deaf mates who have been involved in the national campaign known as "Dopalacze kradną życie". See the results of the action

Current activities in the "Deaf have vote" project


 To read more about that project please click: here

                           Let’s go Balkans


Our adventure with the Balkan countries has started with the project known as the ‘Exchange of experience – media development for the deaf’. Since then we have met many like-minded people and we wish to establish the Association of Balkan Development in Serbia. We have been encourage to stay active in Serbia by our friends and supporters: Vaso- Obradowic (scientist and researcher sign language), Barbara Kapetanovic (translator, activist NGOs), Desanka Zizic (sign language interpreter), Suzana Maslac-Matovic (President of the Serbian Deaf Association). You can check our legal status in Serbia here.

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